Posted by: mensab | January 1, 2008

Greetings from Costa Rica!

Feliz ano nuevo!

 Today I could smell and see the newness of the day, the first day of 2008. The sun is up (“buen dia,” as my host mother would tell me) and the sky is clear blue with patches of white clouds. Mcgoo and Roxy (two resident dogs) are playing outside, running after each other. Do they know that it is new year? 

 What is in a new year? For most of us, it is change. It is changing the way we fill in the dates in the application or other forms and replacing the old calendar. It is also a start. It is starting a new chapter year by year marked by milestones or signposts of each year. It offers a new sense of hope for a better year. New year is also an end. It is ending a past that needs to get over with to be able to see and experience the new year and what it stores for us. Or a continuation of the past.

 For Macgoo and Roxy, the first day of new year is just another day. Why care about this day when they can enjoy each other’s companionship, the heat of the sun, and the swishing of grasses and shrubs when they pass through them? They don’t even care I am watching them and writing something about them?

 Today is a day, a change, a start, an end or continuation. Who cares? I need to go, play  and run with and after Mcgoo and Roxy outside. I don’t want to miss this day. As they say it in Costa Rica, “Pura Vida!”


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