Posted by: mensab | May 24, 2008

“Live simply that others may simply live” (Remembering Ka Bel)

“Honorable Beltran, could you come down from there?”

He does come down willingly, joyfully.

And now he is with us forever.

Ka Bel wants to do it on his own. He wants to see it done. He wants it fixed. What is it, Ka Bel? A hole on the roof. A corruption scandal. An inhuman working condition. An insufficient wage. An arrogance and lavishness of the elite. A disempowered working class.

I heard him speak. We heard him speak. His words express what we dare not to speak about. His words reverberate in the grumblings of hunger, sleeplessness of tired bodies, restlessness of bonded souls, passing of hours, days, nights of gripping injustices experienced by working class.

I saw him walk in the protest lines. I saw him lead. I saw him wave from inside of the hospital.

“I am OK. I am with you.”

I felt his energy, his boiling determination that melts any stubborn hearts and minds. His passion for change, for love of his own class and country, dwarf the scale and magnitude of the forces of status quo. Are we going to let it be?

His life is simple, very simple. In the human standards, he is the poorest among the honorable men and women of congress. In the other Congress somewhere where men and women are truly honorable, his wealth is immeasurable, for there is nothing to measure except one’s faith and deeds. 

Ka Bel has faith in the Filipino people. He believes in our capability to fight against injustices. And he believes that we will triumph. Our triumph is his triumph too.

Are we going to fail him?


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