Posted by: mensab | June 29, 2008

Things have gone too quickly: Looking back

Due to inevitable preparations for my internship in Jakarta, Indonesia, I was unable to update this blog for quite some time. I think it is time to make up.


The month of June is loaded with activities and events that matter to me and others (I bet). Allow me to go through them.


My father’s birthday opened the month of June. He is now 71. Surpassing the average life span of Filipino males, my father demonstrates that he is no average Filipino male. Of course, he is my father. As they say, a fruit can be attributed to a kind of tree. The month is fitting for my father because also in this month that the world celebrates Father’s Day. My father remains a guiding force to me.



Again, Rafa Nadal won the French Open for four straight years. The clay court tournaments are now getting dull because of Rafa’s dominance of the surface for the past years. On his way to his fourth consecutive French Open titles, he routed the # 1-ranked player in the world, Roger Federer. Rafa denied Federer of the only grand slam title that is not in his resume of tennis victories. Hail to the king of clay court, Rafa! Viva!



The Boston Celtics won its 17th NBA titles. After 22 years, the Boston Garden celebrated another NBA championship. How sweet it must be for the fans to see their bitter rival Los Angeles Lakers beaten badly before their eyes! The long wait is over. It took them an overhaul of the team which brought superstars Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to compose the triumvirate with Paul Pierce. They are collectively known as the Big Three, following the 1980s Celtics team of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish. I saw game 6 inside the PHILAM clinic in Makati where I underwent some physical check-up. (The result of my check-up was something to celebrate too. I am cleared of any signs of illnesses. Honestly, I was getting paranoid of signs of illness because of the continued dryness of my throat.)



June is the month of weddings. My close friend in high school broke the news in our egroup that he is getting married in August of this year. Unfortunately, I will be in Jakarta by that time. He is trying to make it happen on August 8, but that date is already full of weddings in his chosen church. The significance of that date is obviously the lucky 08/08/08. So he has settled for 08/09/08 to be his wedding date. In this flux of modern and post-modern times, some of our decisions are still governed by the stars, numbers, superstitions, directions and positions of things, and will of external forces. We invoke their powers to help chart our ways and journeys to a desired future.



Of course, my internship at ASEAN in Jakarta is one of the highlights of this month. Semoga berentung!



And minutes earlier, Manny Pacquiao won by a knock-out against David Diaz. Pacquiao is now the new WBC lightweight champion and the first Asian to win belts in four weight divisions. I am sure, my new Indonesian friend “Yacob” who drives me on his motorcycle every morning from my house to the busway is very happy with this news.


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