Posted by: mensab | August 6, 2008

Best of ASEAN Performing Arts II

If 08/08/08 means anything for us, it may as well be our lucky day. Indeed, Thai beauty and grace will be upon us on that day.


Featuring Thai traditional dances and puppetry shows, the Best of ASEAN Performing Arts II, aptly titled “Tapestry of Thai Beauty and Grace,” will be held at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta on August 8, 2008. It is an ASEAN Production jointly organized by the ASEAN Secretariat Ministry of culture of Thailand and the Royal Thai Embassy in Jakarta.


The Best of ASEAN Performing Arts is a series of cultural events that showcases the richness and diversity of performing arts in the region. The purpose of the series is to promote ASEAN awareness through the region’s rich and diverse cultures as well as to acknowledge the important role that Jakarta has played over the last 32 years as the host city of the ASEAN Secretariat.


The Secretary-General of ASEAN, Dr Surin Pitsuwan, said, “The Best of ASEAN Performing Arts reflects ASEAN’s common shared values and history that will contribute towards building an ASEAN Community and an ASEAN identity.”


Each 10 ASEAN member-states will have its turn to present its best performing arts. ‘Tapestry of Thai Beauty and Grace” will charm Jakarta on August 8, 2008.


Bet you, it will be our lucky day!


Pssssst!,… Its Free !


For media enquiries and information, contact:


The ASEAN Secretariat:

70A Jl. Sisingamangaraja, Jakarta . 12110 Indonesia



T. (021) 7262991 Ext. 369


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