Posted by: mensab | September 3, 2008

English Translation of my Bikol Poem



An chinelas may capareja, wala o tuo,             A slipper has a partner, left or right,

tuo o wala. Magcaibajan sa pasiring                      right or left. Together they go,

paduman, misqui ano an caabutan.                wherever their goal. When walking,

Pagnaglalacaw may nahuhuri,                            at times ahead, at times behind

may naeenot alagad casunod tulos.                             but in pursuit. When resting,

Pagnagpapahingalo magcataid,                              they’re side by side, not apart.

bacong harayo ta cun nawawara an saro                      When one is missing,

 an nawawalat namomondo.                                                       the other one is miserly.

                                                           No worth, no use. What to be done for one,

Mayong camugtacan, mayong mapaggamitan.              in the corner insignificant.

Aanuhon an cabaak, sa gilid nacacaherak.   Two together, left or right, suit alright.

Sindang duwa, tuo o wala,                          They have story, they have meaning.

iyo man an bagay talaga. May istorya,                           In the night staying,

may halaga. Sa banggui cun mapirmi,                    in the day walking. Every step,

sa aldaw cun malakaw. Cada lakad   closer to destination, like our farewell tonight.

may padudumanan, siring can paghali                         If we never meet again,

mo ngonian. Cun dae na man                                     wherever this trip takes us,

kita magcacaducayan,              a day will come; in our travel, we will understand –

cun saen an satong cacaabtan.   like a slipper easily worn out, like us having a stop,

May agang maabot sa satong                         but remember; you or I, left or right,

paglibot-libot saca ta lang masasabot –                           have a partner.

arog can chinelas marikas napapaspas,

arog ta man may casagkuran, alagad

nungcang lingawan; ako o ika, tuo o wala,

may capareja.











  1. Here is another one of your poems…

    i may be a dead star

    Shunned by the beholder looking for a wrong one
    Or withheld of a bestowed light in a waning time.

    Yes, I may be a dead star

    Lost its energy to capture an awed eye
    And left to trifle solely in a spotless sky
    With the countless dead others by and by.

    Now I am a dead star

    Buried in the heart of a mind
    Yet blinking in the mind of a heart.

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