Posted by: mensab | September 5, 2008

A Story of the 28 (UPeace DIPS Class 2008)

           UPeace DIPS Class 2008                   In Manila, Balazs was counting our group before boarding the plane to LA, and then San Jose. Balazs ended his count at 28.. We were indeed 28.

When we reached UPeace, we were mixed with IPS students. We became 45. All 45 students learned to look beyond the classrooms. The expansive glass windows gave an opportunity to do that. We were oftentimes looking beyond the Council room, literally.




Each day at UPeace, one or two were being added. Fiestas, school and community activities, group works, outings, movies, bus trips, traveling and many other ordinary and intellectual discussions made us all 150 or so.


In San Jose, going back to Manila, Balazs did not bother to count anymore. He needed more than his hands and feet, and include all his hair to count us all. We were 28 multiplied hundred times over… We brought you with us… And we left ourselves with you.


This is a story of the 28.. And you are part of it.


Thank you for enriching our story. We will keep on writing our story and share it with others who want to become part of it too.. Then our story will be their story as well.


Until… until… we find ourselves in the same stories beyond the classrooms like today. No one will be counting by then.


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