Posted by: mensab | September 15, 2010

Rationalization of my blogs

I have to admit that I breathed this blog in and out of my system. For a time, this has taken over my plans. Your comments and constant stream of visitors to this blog have inspired me to continue blogging, to make a dent in the blogged world.

It is through this inspiration that I have rationalized this blog and my blogging. Encouraged by a friend, I diversified my blogs into different interests of mine. They also reflect and carry my advocacies. Kindly check them out.

Thus this blog entry;

As a peacebuilder,

As an environmental advocate,

As a Bicolano,

As a traveler,

As an active global citizen,

As an aspiring and amateur poet,

As just another writer on about anything from sports, philosophy, issues, etc.. ,

As a recipient of scholarships and fellowships,

These are the topical and childen of this blog. I hope you continue to support me and journey with me through my blogs. Many thanks..



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